Pubblicità su Le Cri de Paris del 1897.

Le Temps, 4 dicembre 1893.

Revue illustrée, 1 dicembre 1890.

La Cuisine pour tous, 1 gennaio 1906.

Quite simply a beautiful French steel and iron safe, c1880 opening with a very special handmade key and a 4 letters’ combination. It is fully functional, featuring one very large door within the top frame. This door opens to reveal a very sturdy clever mechanism which then closes to a very special intricate three locks mechanism with the key and letter combinations. The key itself is also an intricate piece of handmade work and there is only one of its kind. On the inside, reveals a shelf, which is removable. The beautiful exquisite front door has two cherubs ornaments either side of the four number mechanism. The very top of the panelling reveals the original maker’s plaque: "Petitjean Paris SGDG" on Bronze.

This is a real rare find. We brought this "Parisian Petitjean Safe" back from our travels from France. This was found in a Chateau in Limoges.

This piece of furniture is a very substantial weight.

We kindly ask you to please check your measurements and space requirements before you commit to purchasing this item - especially if this item requires going up or down any stairs to your final positioning.

h 112cm

w 61cm - base

w 58cm - top

d 36cm - base